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Online Grief Counseling for Pet Lovers

Online Grief Counseling for Pet Lovers

If you are reading this, you already know that animals and pets can be a large part of a happy life.  When we lose a beloved pet, it can be a devastating blow with the same emotional and physical pain that we might feel with the loss of a beloved family member.  In some instances, it can be even harder.  


While there is no getting around the issue of loss when you choose to share your life with animals, how you get through it influences the rest of your life.  "Getting through it" is really growing through the loss, and is a fundamental step toward a life open to love again.  


Getting support during the grieving process may be difficult and shutting down the feelings not only blocks you from working your way through it but may triggered a clinical depression.


If you are interested in grief counseling, please contact Dee directly by email or phone to schedule an appointment.  Sessions are conducted through a secure and confidential online video or secure chat services.   The process for registration and payment can be handled completely online through:   




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